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From Malacca to Seremban

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17 July 2008 dengan 2 Komentar
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From Malacca to Seremban
remember the days when you took me all around town with your fathers car..
the time when i rubbed your shoulders after long driving..
took pictures all the time and everywhere,
although we had to borrow someone else camera.. lol

from Malacca to Seremban..
you were so cute even though I knew
that you were pretending asleep in the bus, every weekend..
spending so much fun with our education loans
together we travel a lot don’t we?

from Malacca to Seremban
we used to take care of each other so much..
i was there when you needed me the most,
cause you told me, that
love is all about sharing and caring the one that needs the most..

from Malacca to Seremban..
I never realized it till today,
the lost, that i got my own car to drive you all the time,
the lost, that i got my own salary
to take you out for a proper date
and watch midnight movie once awhile..

from Malacca to Seremban
when i just got my own kitchen to fill so you can make me breakfast
every morning remembering how you told me
that you will make me lunch and dinner too..
and how you told me, how you love to cook
what a wonderful days to come to have you, now..

from Malacca to Seremban..
till it was too little late
you are now living with someone new
cause i was broke and with only love to offer, yesteryears
but, yes, we did traveled a lot..

though it was just from Malacca to Seremban
just like our love
when so much is done
in such a short journey to last
that wasn’t lasted at all..

~God Bless.. I am happy for her~

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