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Blog is now increasingly a place in the hearts of people from the youth, adults, professionals, government, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Blogs can be used for various purposes and goals of each person as to generate revenue and get visitors to your business web site via the blog.

And the best part, many successful entrepreneurs in the business by simply using their blogs as a marketing tool. Or maybe you will get the same results.

However, you need to start properly and requires a systematic and effective strategies and techniques. Build a blog without the knowledge and the planning or the complete guide will give meaningless results or even set off a cough at the stairs.

You may be one of those who do not know how to build their own blog and how to get visitors to your blog. You always ask for help from others, ask questions and find out it’s your time to continue and not be able to build your own blog.

Do you want to continue wasting time when there is an easier way? The more you are wasting time, when you miss having someone else continue forward.

What is the easy way? The answer is to get a guide that can help you do it yourself even without joining any workshop or course.

Anyone Have Blogs ?

No matter who you, even a chef, writer, lawyer, Ustadz, teachers, taxi drivers, businessmen, CEO, Internet entrepreneurs, students, retirees, doctors, farmers or anyone else, blogs are a medium of information delivery is effective.

It can add contacts, communicate with anyone and certainly, it is a technology on the Internet is so powerful one to be used for various purposes and goals. Therefore, you should have a blog yourself.

With just wrote, all walks of life around the world to read and know what you’ve written it or get to know you! If you are an entrepreneur, is definitely a product or service you will know it is there olh people!

Many people have successfully built a name and generate income by just using a blog. If you noticed, as many Internet entrepreneurs have their own blog to share what they do and say what their products are added. If you are an Internet entrepreneur, does not have a blog is a major loss for you and your business!

Blog is a ‘tools’ (technology) is very powerful in generating income or get traffic (visitors, prospective buyers) to their Internet business website. You could also do like them if you know how.

With Have Blog, you can:

  1. Build credibility by showing your expertise
  2. Getting Traffic ‘free’ to your business web site
  3. Doing Google Adsense program and affiliate program
  4. Communicating with prospective and existing customers you
  5. Promote your business with effective conventional
  6. Add a business network (business partner) through the Internet
  7. and more!

Problems that hit!

I understand that so many people (probably including you?), A new arena to start in ‘blogging’, especially in the process has (built) dot com blog itself had some problems as follows:

  1. Do not know how to install its own blog dot com
  2. Troubled by technical blog because there are no simple and complete!
  3. Start with wrong step
  4. Choose topics that are not profitable blog
  5. Afraid to start because there is no knowledge or confusion
  6. Unable to deal with blog
  7. Blog is not known, not many visitors, the result is not commensurate
  8. No ‘mentor’ or a person who provides guidance
  9. Need to hire people with high costs
  10. And many other related problems.

The main question is: What is the first step that needs to be done?
Please note that many problems faced by many people and maybe yourself. Ah, the problems you face not only in the construction phase of the blog, but at the time to manage the blog and in an effort to get visitors to your blog.

Of course you want to succeed in ‘blogging’ (m-blog activity) is not it? If so, then you need to get something that can help you how to blog from building a simple blog and how to start properly.

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